Programme of the meeting
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On the 3rd & 4th of March 2015, and at Mohamed Lamine Debaghine - Sétif 2-  University the work of the first phase of the project ABDEM (Based Approach Human Rights in the Higher Education sector in Maghreb countries) has been closed. During the event results of the research were presented by the participating countries in that ambitious scientific project.

The closing ceremony took the form of an international scientific meeting that brought together more than 60 teachers, researchers and experts from 12 European and North African universities, who all together formed the group of universities ABDEM (Based Approach Rights of Man in the Higher Education sector in the Maghreb countries). This scientific project falls within the "Tempus" program, funded by the European Union and bringing together these universities: Ilha da Madeira, Zaragoza, The Crown and La Rioja, general coordinators of the project of the Spain, Westminster University (UK), the University of Bergamo (Italy), the Institute of Journalism and Information Sciences and the National Institute of Labour and Social Studies (Tunisia), University Mohammed V and Hassan University Morocco II, the School of Political Science and Mohamed Lamine Debaghine-Sétif 2 - University, the coordinator of the Maghreb project in Algeria.

 Programme of the meeting

The program of the meeting began on March 2nd, with the organization of a press conference at the University Rectorate, it was moderated by Professor Khair Guechi, Rector of Mohamed Lamine Debaghine - Setif 2- University, Dr. Ana Maria Vega Gutierrez from La Rioja University (Spain) and general manager of the project, and Dr. Nawal Abdellatif Mami, vice-rector of Mohamed Lamine Debaghine- University  in charge of External Relations and coordinator of the project in the Maghreb. On March 3rd, and on a morning session held in the chancellory auditorium, activities started with three educational workshops, during which the results of the first phase have been exposed. These latter mainly focused on the assessment of the situation of human rights at  universities of the project, taking into consideration indicators and contexts to assess the presence and respect of human rights in the Higher Education Sector.

On the second day, March 4th, an official meeting open to public was held outside. It began with a presentation performed by the project coordinator in North Africa, Dr Nawal Abdellatif Mami, Vice-Rector in charge of External Relations at Mohamed Lamine Debaghine - Sétif 2-University, followed by the University Rector's speech, Professor Khair Guechi, then vice-president of La Rioja University in charge of students' affairs, Professor Cruz Pérez Navarro, and Mrs. Ana Maria Vega, general coordinator of the project. After that the work of the scientific meeting launched a framework paper presented by an expert of the United Nations, Noureddine Amir, to give the floor to teachers and guests from outside countries to perform their presentations on the theme of this project, the starting point was Spain, February 24th, 2014.

The meeting was an opportunity for a serious debate and an open forum for dialogue between all stakeholders of the project. Organizers have worked to reach an agreement to promote higher education based on human rights, taking into account the trilogy of: authority, research and education.

The project is based on three basic phases, namely:

P1- Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the approach based on human rights in Higher Education systems.

P2-Organization of a training course for trainers on the approach based on human rights.

P3 Creation of an Interuniversity Master based on the approach of human rights.
The first phase of the closing ceremony was the starting point of the second phase of the project.


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