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University Accreditation Holders will:

- Acquire the masterful rank and appointment to the rank of Lecturer A
- Supervise master students
- Supervise doctoral students
- Supervise research projects

- Lead a research team

Candidates concerned by University Accreditation:

The University is open to all teachers-researchers concerned by Accreditation:
- Who are acctually working
- Who are nominated according to their ranks
- Who defended their doctoral theses at least one year prior to the date of fulfiling the registration form of University Accreditation
Files Submission:

Applications for University Accreditation should be submitted on two sessions of the academic year: from September 15th to 30th, and from January 15th to 30th. The candidate must submit his file to the Vice Rector in charge of Postgraduation, University Accreditation, and Scientific Research.

Candidacy to University Accreditation:

Teachers-researchers' submit their application forms in eight (08) copies at  University Academic Accreditation, these latters will be immediately given an acknowledgment of receipt after verification of file compliance. Applications must include the following:

- Each copy of the registration file must be put in a separate archive box, on which is written: the name of the candidate applying for accreditation, the faculty, the department, specialty, the name of home institution, and a registration number given by the secretary the time of submitting the application.

* Applications must be shaped in the form of a booklet with spiral binding, and separated from each other.

* Copies of documents submitted must be officially certified.

- Given the regulation of Article 04 of Ministerial Decree No. 521 dated on September 5th, 2013, explaining how to apply to university accreditation, files should consist of:

1. Handwritten application with applicant's confirmation that he has not made a similar request in another institution.
2. Copy of the formal record of installation.
3. Recent Work Certificate.
4. Copies of university diplomas obtained.
5. Copy of the doctoral thesis.
6. CV containing the various phases of the candidate's professional career.
7. Documents comprising all the candidate's work at University Accreditation, including:

* A published scientific article whose publication took place after doctoral thesis defense in a recognized scientific journal and subjected to peer review.

* Academic writings (books, publications, online courses, validated by a published book).

* Other scientific articles, if they exist, published in recognized scientific journals and subjected to peer review.

* Scientific papers in conferences and symposia, if they exist, accompanied by a certificate of participation.

* Scientific Books, if they exist.

- Vocational Diplomas, if they exist.

- Summary of five (05) pages in which the applicant justifies his entire scientific and educational work.
The enabled services:

     Law according to the ministerial decree No. 711 of 09.25.2013
     Psychology according to the ministerial decree No. 214 of 19.02.2014
     Sociology according to the ministerial decree No. 214 of 02.19.2014
     Arabic Language and Literature according to the ministerial decree No. 214 of  02.19.2014

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