Rules of procedure for Quality Assurance Cell (QAC)

Chapter One: The organization of QAC

 Article 01: Creation of a body called "quality assurance cell" at Setif-2- University.
  At the level of each faculty we have sub-cells.

 Article 02: QAC is attached directly to the university chancellery.

 Article 03: The cell consists of a head and, at least, two representatives from each faculty.
The head of the cell is nominated by the university chancellor’s decision. His membership shall be for a period of three years which is subject to renewal.

The rest of the cell members are nominated by the university chancellor’s decision in consultation with the academic body, namely: the head of the cell and deans of the faculties. Members chosen should have earned respect for integrity and excellence in their teaching.

 Article 04: The membership of nominated members shall be three years, and this period is subject to renewal.

 Article 05: A member who is absent for three meetings without a justification will automatically lose his membership. Members can also resign and withdraw if their circumstances do not allow them to pursue.

 Article 06: An organization of four meetings in the academic year is obligatory.

The chancellor of the university or the head of the cell can meet whenever it is necessary.
Members of the cell are informed about meeting via a written invitation or an email containing an attachment of the draft agenda. This procedure should precede the meeting date by a period of 48 hours (at least).

Cell meetings are not considered valid unless two-thirds of the members are present, in the contrary case the meeting will be postponed for a week and then rescheduled and hold regardless of the number of members present.

 Article 07: Minutes of the QAC should be sent by the head of the cell to the chancellor of the university, vice-chancellors of the university and the deans of faculties.

Cell’s minutes records should respect the writing standards of university meetings minutes.


 Chapter Tow: Functions and Operational features of QAC

Article 08: The primary aim of QAC is to arrange for periodic assessment and accreditation of training, research and students’ social and academic lives, according to national certified quality assurance standards.

The cell contributes to the development of pedagogical activity measures.

Article 09: The cell insures all internal-evaluations that the university is expected to do.
Article 10: The cell tries to have full access to various national and international institutionsexperiments in the field of higher education quality assurance system. In this respect, the cell ensures providing recommendations and suggestions for
the promotion of pedagogical as well as organizational aspects of the university.
Article 11: Triggering a ‘quality culture’ among the various constituents of the university by all available means.

The cell is required to provide training in the field of quality assurance to various university actors, namely heads, supervisors and newly recruited teachers.

Article 12: The cell seeks to actively participate in local, regional, national and international activities in the field of quality and take advantage of the competencies of national and international experts.

Article 13: The head’s role of QAC is to keep the cell active.
The university chancellor provides all kinds of support to the cell in order to ensure a good performance of its functions and activities.

Article 14: Rules of procedure can be modified if needed, however this can be done only with the consent of the majority of the cell members.

Article 15: Rules of Procedure shall be approved by the chancellor.

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