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In order to accomplish the project’s transparency and readability of the sci

SNDL account

All teachers and postgraduate students, who have not yet benefited from the SNDL

Central Library

The creation of the Central Library goes back only to the academic year 2012-2013. Since January the 26th,  2013 it initiated lending processes and provided reading services. The  documentations it contains is a set of books transferred from the old university:

• 280000 books consisting 21900 Arabic titles

• 20000 booksconsisting 9000 French titles

 About the Library

The Library provides books and university documentations' lending programs which function in collaboration with the faculties and departments.

It stores post-graduation dissertations and theses.

Organizes Central Library documents using the latest organisational methods.

Maintains library documents.

Registers the new documents arrivals in the library's store.

Helps teachers, students and researchers in their bibliographic research


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