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Vice-Chancellery of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication and Scientific EventsVice-Rectorate for External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication and Scientific Events

Vice Chanceller: Dr. Mami Nawel Abd el Latif

Phone number: 036 661182 Fax: 036 661180


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Vice-Chancellery services:

  •  Inter-university exchanges, cooperation and partnership service;

  •  Animation, communication and scientific events service.

The Vice-Chancellery of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication and Scientific Events is responsible for:

  • Promoting university relations with its socio-economic environment and initiating partnership programs

  • Initiating any action related to promoting inter-university exchanges and cooperation in the fields of education and research

  • Carrying out animation and communication actions

  • Organizing and promoting scientific events

  • Following up teachers upgrading and retraining programs and ensuring their consistency


Vice Chancellery of External Relations, Cooperation, Communication and Scientific Events

This includes the following services:

Cooperation and Universities Exchanges service:

Cooperation, intern-universities exchanges and partnership service is responsible for:

  •  Modernization of University relations with the socio-economic environment
  •  Initiation of partnership programs
  •  Initiation of each activity to promote exchanges between universities cooperation in education and research

For that purpose, this service plays an important role in:

  •  Making cooperation and partnership agreements with foreign universities
  •  Contributing to teachers' and students' mobility in the context of university exchange programs
  •  Providing information for those who are interested in registration at an international level
  •  Making agreements in the context of mutual cooperation between the University and some national institutions in the field of training and information exchange

Guidance and Information Service is responsible for:

  •  Adjustinga statistical map of the University and updating it periodically
  •  Providing students with all information which can help them in their choices
  •  Updating information activities

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