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Offers L.M.D

LMD Definition
LMD system Objectives
Offers LMD

The system definition: LMD means License-Master-Doctorate; it presents a higher educational architecture following the developped countries model. This system is gradually being introduced in our country since  2004-2005.

It is based on an architectural structure with three (03) training courses; each of which is awarded by an accredited degree internationally recognized.

License Degree: Bac. +3.180 credits that must be met to obtain the License degree.

Master Degree: Bac. +5 that is to say License Degree+2.120 credits that must be met after the License Degree to obtain the Master.

Doctorate: Bac. +8 that is to say Master+2.

In each of these cycles, the curricula are organized into teaching units which are grouped into semester-based studies. The teaching unit has the quality of being capitalizable and transferable allowing thereby the opening of bridges between several training courses and inducing student's mobility.

The LMD courses are organized by domains. The domain is a coherent set of disciplines.

Theoretically, the new system is expected to meet some of the concerns of the Algerian university pursuing the following objectives:

• To improve the quality of university training.

• To encourage the student's individual work.

• To facilitate the mobility and orientation of students by ensuring learning capitalization and transferability.

• To propose diversified and adapted training courses.

• To facilitate students’ employability by opening the university to the outside world.

• To provide training for all throughout life.

• And to encourage and diversify international cooperation.

License Law and Political Sciences


License Languages and Literatures


License Social and Human Sciences



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