Incubator definition

The Business Incubator

Definition of the Business Incubator:

 According to Executive Decree No. 20-254 issued in September 2020, which establishes the National Committee for granting the "Startup" and "Innovative Project" labels and "Business Incubator," and outlines its functions, composition, and operation.

  • Pursuant to Executive Decree No. 12-293 of July 12, 2012, which defines the tasks of the joint scientific and technological research interests and organizes their operation and management.
  • Pursuant to Law No. 15-21 of December 30, 2015, containing the guiding law on scientific research and technological development.
  • Pursuant to Executive Decree No. 20-254 of September 2020, which establishes the National Committee for the Award of the Label "Start-up", "Innovative Project" and "Business Incubator" and defines its tasks, composition and operation.
Pursuant to Article 11 of Executive Decree 12-293, and in particular Article 11, the university business incubator is a structure for hosting and supporting an innovative project directly related to research, helping the project owner to achieve his idea and prove its feasibility in the long term, and provides support to project owners in the field of training, consulting and financing, with their accompaniment until the creation of the company.

The University Business Incubator at Mohamed Lamine Debaghine -Setif2- University is an entity under the supervision of the university, affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education, and subject to the oversight of the General Directorate of Scientific Research and Technological Development. It is dedicated to mentoring and supporting university students with the aim of turning them into highly competent scientific and professional entrepreneurs.

The Business Incubator's core mission involves attracting, supporting, and directing individuals with creative and innovative ideas to turn these ideas and innovations into economically productive projects, and to establish START-UP enterprises that generate financial profits, contributing to the creation of economic wealth and diversification of exports.

Types of Innovative and Creative Projects:

  • Innovative products, diverse invention-based services, relevant sector models, and targeted fields.
  • Education and training, continuous training, training and professional consultations, digital educational and service platforms, digital media content production, foreign language teaching, translation, special needs support, social statistics, legal consultations, psychological expertise, addiction treatment, marriage and family counseling, opinion polling and trend analysis, ergonomics, social engineering, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, physical education and sports training, physical and functional rehabilitation and posture correction, home fitness, language re-education, speech therapy, neuromarketing, social care, psychological counseling and audiology services, market research and customer preferences.

Business Incubator Slogan:

                 "Ideas - Creativity - well-being"

The Core Tasks of the Incubator:

  • Attracting and selecting creative and innovative idea owners.
  • Enhancing the sustainability of START-UP companies and supporting entrepreneurship.
  • Training, education, and application of the Business Model Canvas (BMC).
  • Mentoring and supporting individuals with innovative and creative ideas.
  • Providing and facilitating spaces for guidance, supervision, and training.
  • Conducting economic BMC studies.
  • Providing legal consultations and judicial expertise.
  • Offering scientific and technical expertise and developing the creative and innovative aspects of initial projects.
  • Supplying agreements and making them accessible to innovative project owners.
  • Facilitating communication and establishing relationships with relevant authorities for the accreditation of START-UPs and patents.
  • Training in effective communication techniques, leadership, and marketing.
  • Conducting studies on the organizational behavior of individuals and institutions.
  • Providing financial support and funding to project owners who have received the LABEL designation.
  • Providing workspaces for emerging START-UP enterprises.
  • Arranging educational events, conferences, and training sessions related to entrepreneurial ideas for entrepreneurs and START-UP enterprises (students and professors).
  • Encouraging professors and researchers to engage in the endeavor of assisting students in establishing private enterprises and creating job opportunities.

The Establishment and Organizational Structure of Setif2 Business Incubator:

-Under Executive Decree No. 20-254 issued in September 2020, which entails the establishment of the National Committee for granting the designations 'Startup,' 'Innovative Project,' and 'Business Incubator,' along with defining its functions, composition, and operation.

-Based on the correspondence from the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, reference number 1428/A/2022, dated 29/09/2022, which includes a request to study the establishment of the university business incubator at the university level.

-Based on the meeting of the University Board of Directors on 10/10/2022.

-According to the decision to establish the University Business Incubator for Mohamed Lamine Debaghine University, Setif2, dated 10/10/2022.


  • The incubator is managed by an appointed director, as per the university director's decision, chosen from among the professors with relevant qualifications to the incubator and a willingness and readiness to manage and mentor.
  • The team includes professors, administrative staff, and workers
  • The business incubator operates under the university presidency and the head of the working group responsible for managing and following up on Ministerial Decision 1275, coordinates and cooperates with the incubator director to execute the annual program and business plan, prepared at the beginning of each academic year.

The tasks and authorities of the business incubator are defined by Executive Decree No. 20-254, issued in September 2020, which establishes the National Committee for granting the labels 'Startup,' 'Innovative Project,' and 'Business Incubator,' and specifies its functions, composition, and operation."


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