صدور العدد01 من المجلد 19 لسنة 2022

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Chancellor's Address

University Sétif 2 was created via the Presidential Decree of November the 28th, 2011. The legal establishment should not hide the fact that it was born from another old university aged 35 years, which is the University of Ferhat Abbas, divided by that date, to two universities, Sétif 1 and Sétif 2. This division was imposed by several factors, including the difficulty of managing a university of over than 60,000 students, 2,000 teachers and more than 2000 employees. This division is distributed over large areas in different places in the city. It now houses two universities: the University of Sétif 1 in the west and Sétif University 2 in the east. It is therefore:

"An old honey poured into two bottles."

There is no doubt that the creation of a university of human and social sciences has very important consequences. The most important one is to give an opportunity to those sciences to develop and allow them to play their own roles in this new social reality constantly renewed on the local or global level. Indeed, it is their responsibility to contribute to the understanding of the various deep social, cultural, political and economic facts, events, and changes resulting in today's world in the various fields, to analyze it and propose the best solutions and ways to direct it, and to reduce its negative effects. In addition, these sciences have a key role in the development of a society’s new intellectual directions.

The World Social Science Report published by UNESCO and the International Social Science Council in 2010 - prepared by hundreds of social scientists from all around the world - has highlighted the need for social sciences as a means to address the major challenges facing humanity, such as: poverty, diseases and climate change.

It thus appears that we need more social and human sciences, because of the role of social and human knowledge in the construction of social and human values. These disciplines are intended first to form a balanced intellectually and culturally individual, thus allowing to establish a healthy society. However the underdeveloped countries in their legitimate desire to acquire the advanced scientific knowledge and technology have ignored the social and human sciences, human values ​​and the construction of the individual’s use of that knowledge and technology.

Because of what happened and what is happening in a number of Arab countries such as extremism, protests, demonstrations, social and political violence, or so-called "Arab Spring" this shows how we need to pay more attention to those sciences in question in order to understand those changes, as well as the behavior and orientation of individuals, the psychology of the citizen, his claims to make the best citizenship, membership, participation, group work, social solidarity, acceptance of other, shared responsibility, a culture of tolerance, dialogue and civil solutions to differences and conflicts to achieve social maturity whose base is ‘a wise man’.

Reconsideration of the social sciences and humanities can only be achieved through the fulfillment of certain conditions. First we must devote more resources, competent researchers, relevant research, improve the means of publication, encourage linguistic diversity, multidisciplinary methods, and improve the level of trainers and their spirit of creativity, to look after talents, and educate the trainer and show his role in society.

It became necessary to occupy a "place" in the small global village as a means for the university to express its self, to better communicate inside and outside, thanks to modern technology. It is also a way for a transparent and well-governed university.

At the end we will provide you with an email address to receive your opinions and suggestions.

All in all we cannot attain the objective stated without the participation and positive contribution from the entire university family, teachers, students, workers and chiefs.

Hopes are high and the challenge is greater, to promote those sciences, with competent teachers, aware students and appropriate scientific and professional atmosphere in the light of the Qur'anic revelation "Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock."


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